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Who We Are

LJ & Mare Uhuru Peak - Kilimanjaro

"My wife and I are avid adventure travelers, who like to explore new countries and cultures.  We have grown up and been around water all of our lives.  Having settled in the upstate NY Albany area, we enjoy skiing in the winter and the local lakes in the summer, but missed the open water. Getting a place on the water in Jamestown has been wonderful!  There is much to explore and do on the island, and it's only a short hop over the bridge to all the bustle and activity in Newport."


Jon has retired from a long career in engineering sales of commercial building services and now focuses on finding, renovating and operating choice vacation rental homes in Jamestown.  Jon continues to sail and race competitively when he can.


Mary Ellen is the founder and CEO of STRIDE Adaptive Sports, a non-profit organization providing sports and recreational activities for youth and combat injured veterans in the upstate NY region and around New England.





Why Jamestown?

We love the Jamestown/Newport area. There is great sailing, biking, diving/snorkeling, and beaches. We enjoy the activities and sights of Newport, with the more relaxed atmosphere of Conanicut (Jamestown) island.

LJ Sailing Under Newport Bridge
Mare & LJ in BVIs
LJ & Mare in Bergen Norway
Mare & LJ Africa Safari Massi Mara

“We are a small owner/operator of four residential homes in Jamestown, RI, focused on providing exceptional vacation experiences for family travelers."

LJ & Mare - Adaptive Ski Instructors
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